Since we're fortunate to be located in this legendary and bountiful area, I think it only fitting to start our Blog with a little note about how the hamlet of Big Indian got its name:

"Once a Munsee named Winneesook (the name means "snowfall") lived near Marbletown, New York; because of his height of about seven feet, he was also called Big Indian.

He was in love with a local woman, Gertrude Molyneux, who eventually loved him as well; because her parents opposed the match, they arranged a marriage with one Joseph Bundy. Disliking Bundy, Gertrude eloped with Winneesook into the wilderness. Some years later, a party of people searching for a missing cow was led by Bundy; still seeking revenge, he accused "that big Indian" of stealing the cow.

When they finally found Winneesook, Bundy shot him with his rifle and injured him severely; after being left alone, Winneesook crawled to a pine tree where Gertrude found him later dying. After Winneesook's death and burial, Gertrude and her children moved to the site; the hamlet of Big Indian later developed at that location. Local lore holds that the pine tree stood until the railroad through Big Indian was built in the 1880s. Source: Wikipedia" 

For more on Big Indian see; 

Posted on July 29, 2011 3:23pm by Michelle Odato




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